Planning BOM's

I would like to create planning BOM’s to use when generating a forecast. We have about 10 to 20 end items that currently can be rolled up into a planning BOM. This would allow me to enter a forecast with one part number instead of the 10 to 20. I currently have a total requirements for 5 or 6 planning BOMS which would save me entering a forecast for 50 to 120 end items. This would save me a lot of time. I have been told that this is not possible in Axapta, does anyone know how I might approach this? Thanks Martin

You can create a forecast for an item type BOM. but the forecast is for that BOM not per its components. So in the forecast report you can only see the forecasted qty or amount for that BOM not per its components.

Hi Martin. When you create the planning BOM, and create a forecast for that, Axapta automatically explodes the child parts put for planning purposes. Unfortunatley the resultant planned orders, sub productions and purchases show as BOM lines in the net requirements, not as forecast. However. the fact that a BOM line is defined does allow you to determine what the line is settling, production and or forecast.

or your can setup the forecast allocation key, each key allow you to add multiple items with a percentage. during forecast entry, instead of keying in the item code, enter using the forecast allocation key. this is similar to a planning BOM.

THe Scott Hamilton Book on Axapta mentions this problem also and the customer in question decided to customize the regular BOM lines with additional fields, the most important one being a planning percentage. Within a set of part numbers that make up a configuration group, for example, you could plan each item with a percentage. But the basic problem remains that you still will produce dependent demand and not a lower level forecast for those items. So when a sales order comes in, the demand is added and not “consumed”. I do not know if the customer added that too in their customization. We could ask Scott Hamilton to disclose more details.

Is this requirement achievable using demand planner or PI/PSA?

If not, please suggest any other way that I can achieve this.