Planning based on Setup time

Hi, How can we group the production orders which uses the same setup to reduce the setup time and distribute the setup cost over them. Edited by - myousuf on 2002 Jul 23 17:56:19

Hi Munawwar, Use the Capacity Task List report, this will show you all the production orders which are scheduled for production based on date and time. Group your Production Orders accordingly Regards, Srinivas Shetty

Hi Srinivas, We can group them or sort them, but how can we resolve the cost issue and setup time issue. The system consider the setup time for every order and we have long setup time compared to the run (production) time. Thanks Munawwar Yousuf

Hi Munnawar, This is how the capacity cost is calculated Total Capacity cost = (unit cost * runtime) plus ([setup time/lot size] * unit cost) where the Lot Size is the quantity in production order. In your case where you have multiple production orders but one setup, you will need to apportion or divide the setup time manually based on the Quantity on each production order. A bit of maual paper work, but the setup cost is distributed for all the production orders … :wink: Srinivas Shetty