Planned transfer orders from subcontracting work



I need a help to configure BOM and Cycle in a Subcontractor work to generate a planned transfer order for raw materials, no problem for the PO , it is generated correctly.

  • IN the BOM line I have used for the raw materials the warehouse of the subcontractor

-In The Item Coverage of the raw materials ( warehouse of the subcontractor) the "Planned orde type"is set on Transfer and I have set a Main Wharehouse

After MRP Run, I don’t found, for the raw materials, any planned transfer order (from the main warehouse to the subcontractor warehouse) and I don’t understand why.

Coul you help me?

Tnx a lot

Does it suggest anything? What is the pegging? If the contractor has stock, for example it would suggest nothing, or if you do not define the item dimension - coverage group to be warehouse specific it may not suggest if the site has stock. What does the net requirements tell you?


thank you for your suggestion!! I have just solved my problem,the coverage Group of the item has a firming period of 2 days, so the transfer order was generated automatically from the planned transfer order , butI didn’t realize it ,

I looked for a planned transfer order that was already a transfer order.

Thank you very much.