Planned transfer order

Hi all,

I’ve this scenario: Warehouse A with inventory of 10 units and warehouse B with 0. I receive a Sales Order for 7 units in warehouse B. MRP suggests me a Production Order for warehouse B. Instead I would have a planned Transfer Order from A to B.

How can I do?

Thank you for help.



Inventory Management > Setup > Inventory Breakdown > Warehouses

select corresponding Warehouse B

Master planning > Main warehouse

Checkmark “Refilling”

Select Main Warehouse A

Configure Transportation times from A to B


go to item > tab “plan” > coverage > item coverage

create new / edit existing item coverage line for warehouse B

Tag general > Checkmark “change planned order type” > set to transfer and define main warehouse

make further setup as per requirement

check associated coverage group if other > On-hand inventory > consume on-hand inventory

is set to “before all other supply”.