Planned Purchase Orders for a BOM

We have BOMs created by ITEMS which are stored in different warehouses.

I want MP to generate Planned Purchase Orders (with a storage warehouse for each particular item), and Transfer orders for the items from their storage location to their assembly location.

Obviously, this should work with Item Coverage (Item Master → Setup → Item Coverage), where I’ve configured each warehouse involved into the transactions for each component item in the BOM.

In addition, I’ve configured the Dimension groups for each component to have Warehouse checked and “Coverage Plan by dimension”.

Also, the warehouses in the Warehouse master, under Master Planning tab have their specific calendars setup, and UNCHECKED Item Coverage checkbox - since I want to have different refilling warehouses (via item coverage mentioned above), not just one.

The problem is that, the system generates the purchase orders, but no transfer orders are generated.

Transfer orders are generated properly for the BOM items from their assembly location to their sales market location.

The BOM is consuming the componented from the assembly warehouse?

The parts have item coverage to transfer from the storage to assembly warehouse?

Yes, the BOM is consuming the components in the assembly warehouse.

Yes, the components have their dimensions configured for transfer to the assembly WH, i.e. Item Master → Setup → Item Coverage → Warehouse is set to the assembly warehouse, and under General tab there is a check on “Change Planned order type” (Type: Transfer, and Main warehouse: set to the specific storage WH for each item).

I’ve found where is the issue - it was under Item Master (for each component) → Setup button → Item Coverage. Under General tab I had to check “Override coverage group settings”, in addition to the |Change planned order type" (Type: Transfer, Main WH: the storage WH, where the a planned purchase order is generated to store the items).

Cheers - I hope this info will be useful for others!