Planned purchase order for 1 item with several dimentions


I’m sorry if I’m repeating this question but I couldn’t find the answer in the old posts.

I’m working with Master Planning (Axapta 4.0) and I have problems with planned purchase orders for those items with several dimention. A precise example is: Item A had 2 dimentions - 25kg package and bulk=1000 kg. I have defined item coverage for both dimentions but then in the item line i defined as Min. purchase quantity 1125kg which is valid for Item A (25 kg. packgage) and i would like to define 2000 for Item A (bulk) but I don’t know where.

When i run Master planning for this item i keep on getting the default min. purchase quantity inTotal for one dimention of course, but how about min. purchase quantity for the second dimention? is it possible to define it somewhere, so that i comes in planned purchase orders?

And one more question: I’m using min/max. item coverage groups and when I enter item coverager per item i always put one and the same amount form min. and for max. is that correct? what is the correlation between them?

Thanks in advance!