Planned production orders occur inside frozen fence


What could be the reason why I have some Planned orders inside frozen fence ?

Master planning have been run as of 02/20 from net requirements for part ABC and I got 1 planned order inside the fence . That part originally had 2 planned orders scheduled for 2/17 and 2/24, and the new planned orders that were generated got same dates. Frozen fence = 14 days.


The “new” planned orders should be pushed to the end of the time fence, whilst the old ones remain frozen. It should not have generated “new” orders, but the old remained.

Do you get the same result when running the periodic job (not from net requirements which is a different routine)?

Do you have any overriding fence settings on the Master Plan itself (assuming the 14 days is item coverage specific)?

Agree Adam. And answers are “No” for all your questions. So I’m confusing here.

You would need to define your setup and then repro steps with AX version and build and either report to MS or post them here and if someone is kind enough to reproduce to see they have the same results. At the moment I would say I cannot replicate what is happening on your system but the setup could be wildly different.