Planned production order, planning worksheet, req worksheet

Dear Dynamincs users,

When reading Manufacturing II Chap 3 page 19 for NAV 2009, the “Planned receipt” definition (I suppose “Planned Order Receipt” field) should contain the quantities on Planned production Orders, Requisition Wks and Planning Wks.

"Planned Receipts

These are the items from replenishment order proposals. This includes planned

production orders, planning worksheets, and requisition worksheets."

but when testing this, in NAV 2009 SP1, no quantity appears, “Planned orders receipt” is based on “Item availability line” (table 99000832) . But this table remains empty what ever the planned Prod. Orders.

Except if there is a setup for this Item Availibility line, I don’t undestand how it works.

When production order are set to Firmed planned, then they appear as “Scheduled receipt” which is OK.

Thanks for your help.

Apologies, but what actually is your question?

If it is “is the manual wrong” in my experience the answer is “yes” but that is a generic answer!


Sorry to be unclear in my question. Try to do better this time

When you open an Item availability by period screen , there is a field named “Planned order receipt” this is supposed, as per documentation in manuals, to contain the qty of items on “planned production order”, “Req. Wks” and “Planning woksheet”.

But whatever the Planned order I create, nothing appears, So what is the purpose, how does it work ?

The origin of this field is "Item Availability line table ???

Thanks for your help

I would say the manual is wrong, and I would not want requisition entries in my item availability screen. A planned production order is planned into the system and can arguable be considered a “planned” order receipt, but when it is on a requisition worksheet it is not planned, it is a suggestion, which you can ignore. It could take you a day to work through the worksheet - you are going to delete a suggestion for whatever reason - would you want users basing delivery promises on this? no. I would not, personnally, want planning suggestions in my availble calculations until they are firmed, meaning I agree with the system. However it is a personal choice, and as you say it does not do this my money is on the fact the manual is wrong!