Planned Production order of Phantom item issue

Hi ,

As per master planning output , Phantom item planned production order is generating with directly derived .

Due to huge Planned production order of Phantom Item , user are getting confused .

If I firm parent planned production order then this phantom Item is getting disappear . If I use manual coverage group then system is not creating demand of child Item.

Requirement :

System should not create planned production order of Phantom item but should create child item planned orders .

Thanks in advance !!

The phantoms have the word “dynamic” after them - AX uses them to peg the lower levels and therefore inherently needs them - it is only on the planning screen you see this, if you want “real” orders then it is not a phantom and you make it, otherwise you remove the confusion of the users by telling them what the screen means!

Hi Adam ,

Thanks for your Help .

I can understand that this is just display , user need to ignore this .

I just wanted to see workaround to remove planned order of phantom item if possible .

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Nope I do not believe there is - you could add a hide phantom option to the screen, but AX still needs it so it would be a filter.