Planned orders, only for customer needs


can we generate “planned orders” only for customers needs ?

We are wholesaler for stores, we don’t produce anything so we just use mini/maxi for now on each item. I would like a plan for customer needs and another one for items coverage, but I didn’t find how to configure a plan only for customers needs.

Thanks in advance.

Dear Benoit,

You cannot make Planned Sales order for customer, but u can make sales order journal and can use copy function for the same.

can you provide your requirement in detail with example.

I use master scheduling to generate planned orders. Planned orders are generated to answer to my coverage’s parameters on each product, and sales orders.

Ex. My security stock is 2 and I sold 1, it will generates a planned order for 3.
But i only want 1 for the product sold.

I want to be able to process sales orders separately than item’s coverage

If you security stock is 2 and 1 is a sales order and you have 0 in stock there is no argument you need 3. If you ran it the day before the sales order it would have told you a planned order for 2 - why did you not process it.

If you want this to be 1 your security stock must be 0. If you need 3 you need 3, irrelevant to the source of demand.

You’ve right, the example is not good.

I have no security stock on the product A, but 1 sold.
I have a security stock on the product B (mini 2), 2 needed, 0 in stock.

When I run the master scheduling it’s generate 1 for A, 2 for B.
I want a plan to only generate the A needs.

In all the cases, I look for a way to generate planned orders for customers needs only, and it seems that is not possible in the standard.

Dear Benoit,

as per your requirement there is no need for planned order for customer, instead of this you can define delivery scheduler in sales order which can solve your problem.

on basis of delivery scheduler you can make planned order if you are into trading business.

and if you are into the Manufacturing then u can plan for production order accordingly.

Ultimately you need the planned order for B otherwise you would not have set the security stock. You want to prioritise how you look at customer driven demand, but this is not possible on the planning screen. If you items were characteristically different you could do it with buyer groups - but I guess they are not, because the next day B could have 3 sold so you have a mix of security and customer driven demand.