Planned orders for today only

What are the correct parameters if we want all the planned purchase orders to be dated today (order date)?

We would like to consider requirements for a year ahead (positive days 365), but we do not want to have order date for month ahead, two months ahead, etc… We want to fulfill all the requirements right away.

You can fulfill all of the orders today, but of course you will be storing and making prior to need so you have all of the cash flow, storage and management costs to consider. You cannot get AX to state the order date is today, unless the lead time to by and make is automatically set from today to the demand, which AX cannot do as standard of course.

What you are asking does not make processing sense, you want the system to tell you when you “should” order it but allow you to order it when you like, which you can do, just firm everything suggested.

Any reason this was posted in the developer forum? :slight_smile:

Thank you Adam for your answer.

It may seem like there is no sense, but the case is that we do not do production and very rarely have sales orders far away to the future.

What we do is mostly retail and wholesale, so we are dealing with min/max. Plus, some products we do not keep on stock, but order when there is a need, so the planned order should be raised. Also, lead times can not be registered in AX, because they vary a lot.

Usually the demand is right-away. Sometimes, of course, there can be sales orders some months forward. But still, we just want to replenish the inventory to cover all requirements what we can see.

Now, of course we can order them right away. Main reason for my requirement was to avoid confusion for purchasers. This is not something we could not live with, though.

P.S. Meant to post user forum, not developer, my mistake if that happened :slight_smile:

As I say, just firm everything up when it appears as planned, the order date is then not really relevant.