planned order screen


In the MRP Planned Order screen. At header overview tab page, what is the the logic for Ax to calculate the “Requested date”? Is it related to the transaction demand date?

At the pegging sceen below, what is the meaning for “Requirement date” and “Requested date”? The “requested date” here is it have any link to the “Requested date” at header? Sometime the it has value and sometime it blank, very confusing.

Pls advice. Thanks in advance.

The requested date is the “original” requirement date - so a customer wants in on 10th December. So yes it would be related to the “transaction demand date” if that is what you mean. However this could also be a transfer, sub-production, safety stock, so in essence it is when it is needed.

You then get the requirement date - this can be different from the requested date, in the above example you have a customer wanting it for the 10th December - Production will be in the top with a delivery date of the 9th, and potentially a requested date. The difference due to safety margins and order deadlines etc.

The requested date will also move when you run plannnig - if it says 20th October and you run it today it will say 3rd December - this is when the “system” then requested it because you never planned it at the appropriate time, although the requirement date would still say 20th October in the pegging.