Plan Production Not be Splited Based on Standard Order Qty

Dear All,

I have a problem with master planning AX 2012 R2 CU7. Here is the case:

  • I have setup default order setting on released product, with Inventory minimum order qty = 100 pcs and standard order qty = 100 pcs.
  • I have setup minimum stock level for plan coverage (Requirement) = 1000 pcs.
  • Today’s stock = 100 pcs.
  • Then, system calculated master plan for replenishment minimum stock level = 900 pcs, in one plan production order!

I expect that system will create 9 plan production orders (@100 pcs), instead of just 1 plan production order (900 pcs). FYI, I have tried plan coverage Periodic also. It still not splited the requirement into standard order qty.

After several testing, I conlude that:

  • If requirement qty is below than standard/ minimum order qty, system will roll up the qty = standard/ minimum order qty. I’m fully agree with that.
  • But, if requirement qty is greater than standard order qty, system does not split the requirement into multiple plans with @ standard order qty.

My questions are:

  • Does my understanding is true or false?
  • If standard system really beheaves like that. So, what purpose of standard order qty? All references I have read tell me that it used to split order into @ standard order qty.


I’m using AX 2009. There, it is possible to set up maximum order quantity. Is it available in AX2012? If so, try this setting.

Dear Goworowski,

Oh my… I really missed that! Thanks a lot!

It’s really helpful!

Hi hendrianto,

I think standard order quantity is only used when you are manually creating an order. e.g. In this example if you create a production order manually, it will suggest the quantity to be produced is 100, and you can over-type it.