Placing specific employee picture on a report

I would like to print a specific employee’s picture on a report header. The employee’s number is not on the report. What do I type in the Source Expression to point to this particular employee?

Get the Employee Employee.GET(“Employee No.”); Employee.Calcfields(Picture); Now if you say source expresion “Employee.Picture” in the “Picture box”, you will see the picture of the employee. Naveen Jain

Thank you for your response, Naveen. I entered the lines that you suggested and I’m getting the following message: Employee No. " does not exist. I did specify the Employee’s number so I’m not sure where this is coming from.

Which table you are using in your report? What do you mean by you do not have the employee no. on the report. If you are grouping your report by employee no. then print the picture on the group header. You must know the employee no. before do the Employee.Get() If still you are getting problem, post your code here so I can check. Naveen Jain

The report that I’m modifying is the Sales Shipment Report 10077. I inserted the following code on the Sales Shipment Header. //START Employee.GET(ZARJ); Employee.CALCFIELDS(Picture); //STOP Where “ZARJ” is the “Employee No.”

I guess you created a variable with the name ZARJ, but instead ZARJ should be the Employee no. then it should be with in the single quote. i.e. //START Employee.GET(‘ZARJ’); Employee.CALCFIELDS(Picture); //STOP

Thank you for your help.[:)] I’m still getting the same error message.

Does Employee No. ZARJ Exist? I tried here and its working fine for me. Did you put the single quote with the employee no.?

It works! Thank you so much. I had left a bad piece of code in there and that was messing it up. Once I got rid of the bad code and put ‘ZARJ’ it worked. Thank you again!