place a sales template in Navision 4,0

Hi all,

Does anyone know how to place sales template in Navision 4,0? The plan is: whenever I send the sales invoice to my customer, the template which I made will be settled as the background. Thank you in advance for your help!


You would have to do a good amount of customization for this to work. It would probably involve changing your invoices to print to PDF and then placing a watermark on it with something like PDFCreator.

@ Matt, I think Nazarius had different idea in his mind…

@ Nazarius - look at SM / Order processing / Setup / Standart sales codes.

Standart Navision already has sales templates, but they are created form the other end:

  1. create the abovementioned Standart sales codes (the name is misleading, as actually one or more order line(s) are set up as template)
  2. from Customer card (Button Sales / Std.Cust.Sales Codes) attach one or more SSC to that Customer. This is a little bit annoying and many users find it unnecessary, but if you have set up really many SSCs, it pays back, as when you create an order later, only those SSCs that apply to Customer selected are shown.

Another, and easier approach - you can use Sales Orders / Functions / Copy Document… functionality.