place a hyperlink to a file on a form

We are trying to create a central training repository for training material. What i would like to achieve is either a form with hyperlinks to my various pdf’s. Each link to a different pdf, or a menu structure that uses the same functionality as the personal shortcuts link to a file. but at a menu that is maintainable by me so it i add or change a link everyone gets it.

I have not been able to achieve either so am asking is any of the options possible?

thank you

HyperLinks might be a little challenging. How about maintaining the files in a list and using the AssistEdit (three dots) button to open the file. You can use the HYPERLINK command, but be aware that it has been deprecated.

Real simple with 1 table & 1 form.

as discussed here:

We use it to store crystal reports and some other stuff but’s it’s mega flexible… You can call it Training Material Repository instead of linked attachments.
Specify Training categories instead of what I used to keep it sorted.

On push of the open “box” it runs the specified link using hyperlink.
So by using hyperlink you’re able to save any viariety of file types, Doc, Excel, Web Link, Pictures, pdf, etc, etc.
The file path has code on the assist edit trigger so you can easily find and add the attachments you need.

I’ve added addition functionality by adding a frequncy column as well as last run date. I also added a category option field to further assist on filtering of the list.

Here’s a vido of how it looks & works:
*Video Choppiness due to cam studio not the form itself. It runs smooth as silk.

It’s basically a place where you can store any link to any file and on a click have it open for you.
Some fields added to help with sorting & filtering.

In addition here are the links to the txt files (form & table) if you want to play around with these: