Pie chart in Role center


Im new to this role center. How can i create pie chant in role center to give pictorial representation.

If ssrs reports helps to create, I have created one ssrs report using busness intelligence… can i use that to create pie chart in role center? if yes, how…? pls explain

I have installed Ax basic pack , Role center & EP and Business connector. reporting extension and reporting services is not isntalled in my ax server. is that must?

which way is helpful and how.



Look at How to: Add SSRS Reports to Pages.

Hi thanks martin.

I have added Dynamics Report Server Report Web part and added all properties. But im getting the exception: Cannot read information from SQL Server Reporting Services. Validate that the Report Manager URL is correct.

but same output file i can view it from menu item (i meant report is working when right click open that output menu item)