Pictures in User Portal

How can i transfer pictures from Navision Attain to users’ User Portal browsers?

Pictures, in user portals, are not really stable (at least as far as implementation). If you have it working for the Sales and Product Design Activity centers then it will work for your application as well, otherwise (from what has been recommended to me by Microsoft) you have to uninstall Digital Dashboards, C/Front, and the User Portals file system and re-install them in the order specified on the disc’s web page. There is no garantee that that will work though, because of the inherent instability in the User Portals framework. If you do have it working in the Sales and Product Design Activity Centers, I recommend you take a look at the XSL file for, I believe, the Items page. It will show you all you need to know about how to get a picture to show up. If I may offer a suggestion though, in my experience, behind-the-scenes operating system changes (like security patches or service pack installations) can be cause for User Portals pictures to discontinue working. The reason for this is that User Portals does not use the latest version fo Digital Dashboards which supports mor recent changes to the XML and XSL standards, and, though it is supposedly supported by Microsoft, I wish you luck getting any. It does not appear that updating User Portals to use the latest version of Digital Dashboards is even on any priority list at Microsoft. As well, the largest problem with User Portals is not the development. It is the rigid control over user licenses for any User Portals product. For each User Portals user you must have a Windows CAL license. This is because it requires Windows Authentication instead of database authentication. As well, the cost of Web User license for User Portals is, put midly, an attrocity; rendering any product developed for it virtually unsellable. In light of this, it would be more worthwhile investigating developing yor own web portal using automation objects (IMHO). You’ll save yourself time as well as headaches from developing a product for user portals. Don’t get me wrong, It’s easy to develop applications for User Portals and the premise is great. The user licensing issues associated with it make it not worthwhile developing anything for this platform.