pictures in Nav

how can i see a picture completely in a picture box or in a image. thanks.


Not sure what you’re asking - is it a sizing issue or the coding/setup to display an image?

Can you give a bit more background.


For an image you need to import a bitmap (max 32KB).

Using a picture box you need to refer to a picture field in the application. Then use the Calcfields function to calculate the BLOB and show the picture on your report.

Richard Jansen

I print an image in a picture box and navision cut it. It only prints a part of the image not completely. How can I see the image completely?


Either adjust the size of the picture-box to fit the size of the picture, or adjust the size of the picture to fit the size of the picture-box.

how can i adjust the size of the picture? with an external aplication?


do you know a aplication for automaticed it? thanks