Pictures in Form

How do I make a link from a form to a picture stored outside of the Navision database?

  1. Add a field of type BLOB to the table your form is based on (or even trickier, make a special table for it). 2) Make this field the source of your picturebox. 3) In the load procedure of the form, do an import of the picture into the BLOB field. 4) Do a CalcField on the BLOB. The picturebox will show the picture now. Note: When working with BMP’s, make sure the resolution of the picture has been set to allow the picturebox to do proper scaling. Regretfully, not many graphic programs allow you to set the resolution or save this value in the file. However, I have developed a solution (in Navision) for displaying/setting the resolution of BMP files. This program is under final testing by a few people at the moment and will be uploaded to soon, but if you are in a hurry, drop me mail and I’ll send you a copy on forehand. John