Picture Size

Hi there,

I am developing a page which has a picture field in it(I’m using nav 2013)

The problem is I want a way to restrict the size of the

picture that can be imported to this field.

I have looked in its properties but I don’t seem to find

any property for this.

I would be glad if somebody can give me some ideas of what

else to do.


Do you want to reduce the size of the control in the page (and not the size of the file imported), right?

In pages there is no direct control of field dimensions, the only idea I have is putting the image inside a GridLayout which should reduce the size.

Merci Daniele,

But how do I go about that ?

Hi, you can follow these indication on how to arrange a GridLayout control:




I will take a look at the urls and let you know the result.

Once again thanks for your response.

But one last thing, what if I want restrict the size of the picture file and not the control?

You can achieve this kind of result in NAV modifying Resolution attributes of .bmp file, like:

SetResolutionValue := DPIValue;

//Write horizontal resolution

//Write vertical resolution


You can refer to the following thread for additional informations: http://www.mibuso.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=23&t=15403