Picture in Report

How can I print a picture of a Product ( Report 204 )

In the report where you want the picture to be, insert a picturebox control. In the SourceExpr property enter the Source Expression (i.e. CompanyInformation.Picture) of the object. On one of the DataItem triggers (i.e. OnAfterGetRecord is always good:)) enter something like: CompanyInformation.CALCFIELDS(CompanyInformation.Picture); Edited by - Matt_B on 2001 Mar 14 20:16:50

Using pictures in Navision has been discussed in various topics before, you may want to use the search function to locate these discussions. Will provide some tips for you for sure. To improve the quality of your print-outs, you should be aware that Navision is capable of scaling pictures according to the resolution of the device the picture is going to. In other words, if a picture is made in 300 dpi (dots per inch), it will go in that resolution to the printer, but for display on screen it is scaled back to the much lower screen resolution. Regretfully, only very few graphic programs store the resolution parameters in BMP files, and plain Navision only can use BMP files, whereas pictures usually are stored in the much more efficient JPG format. But for both problems, a solution is nearby. For display of JPG pictures, you will find a nifty little tool in the Tools section of this forum, and for inserting the resolution parameters in BMP files, you can download a tool from the download section at www.mynavision.net John