PICTURE in report not printing -- while it is visible in print preview

I have added a BLOB field in the Purchase header which stores the digital signature of user who has approved the PO. In the order report (report 405) i have put a picture box in the Purchase header’s footer section which display the above signature.

all things are fine, signature is correctly stored in db, i can see it in print preview of the report but when i try to print it, the signature is not printed.

in the same report i have added the company logo from the Company Info table, and its printing perfectly.


You have to use the CALCFIELDS statement before displaying. Example:

Purchase Header - OnAfterGetRecord


This should do it.


If it displays on the print preview but not on the actual print, then I would check the size of the box the signature is in, make it a little bigger.

I have implemented both the suggestions, but still no success… the company logo is printing whereas the approver signature is not, eventhough both are picture box with underlying blob db field.

Are you sure your pointer is on the right PO record when the Calcfields(picture) is called?

Put the signature picture in the company logo, and the company logo in the po blob.

don’t change your code.

then see what prints, if the po signature wont print when it is in the company logo it is a problem with the picture.

and vice versa, if the company logo prints in the po signature spot, that will tell you if you have set up the field correctly on your report, ect.

The other thing to check is that the picture is a bitmap and not a Jpeg.

I’ve found renaming a fiel.jpg to file.bmp does not work. you need to open it in paint and then Save As a bitmap.

If it’s visible in print preview but not visible when you print the report, then the resolution of the picture is too high, to verify this is the case. Edit the picture in MSPaint and add a dot in every corner, and then print the picture. You should see the dot.

i have used the company logo picture as my approver’s signature, still i cant print it, while it is visible in print preview.

i have implemented all the suggestion i get till now, still no success.


Private message, or post here the text version of the Purchase Header, Purchase Line, and the Report in Question. Also send me the 2 pictures and I’ll have a look.

But only if you like, you don’t have too