Picture in Bookmark

Hi All,

I want to add picture in the bookmark of the word document. How can i do that.

I searched various post but was not of help. Can some body please share code.

Hi Ashu,

Wow, exactly what is that you want to do? And what does this have to do with Navision? [:^)]

Hi There,

I am exporting data from Navision in a word Document using bookmarks which i have sucessfully done. Now I would like to add picture in one of the bookmarks say right bottom side of the page.


Ok I think I’m getting there. I just don’t quite understand what you meen by bookmarks. But if it is what I think, then you’re using mail merging functionality and now you want to add a picture stored in a blob field in NAV into the same Word document?

If yes, then you cannot do that.


What is the other way of doing it.? word Automation ? If yes, Do you have code to share?

wdApp Automation ‘Microsoft Word 12.0 Object Library’.Application
wdDoc Automation ‘Microsoft Word 12.0 Object Library’.Document
Shapes Automation ‘Microsoft Word 12.0 Object Library’.Shapes

Okay did few experiments and found this

Shapes := wdDoc.Shapes;

It works fine however i would like to attach pic above a word say ‘footer’ in my word document. How can i acheive that? Word macro is not helping too [8o|]. Help anyone?