Picture file in Navision (is it bmp only..?)


I am sorry that I asked in Mibuso.com in this morning, meanwhile the answers are more completely and detail here. tks a lot. It depicts my depressed mind. It’s been clear ands answered, but I still hope that in the new version NAV. 5.0, there is no separated place for pictures no new customisation, and directly in Navision database (native). I am only afraid if there is error in drive P (virus, hang, or what else) or another problems arise, it means that I can’t access the pictures. [:(]. Meanwhile make the life a little easier is very good watchwords, [:)].

The picture2 field you are created is able to import JPEG/JPG files but do you put coding in the form 346 or in the item table or in the import menu of its menubutton…? the codings there are:

PictureExists := Picture.HASVALUE;
IF Picture.IMPORT(’*.BMP’,TRUE) = ‘’ THEN
IF PictureExists THEN

I should replace the coding or just using picture2 field there…?

Anyway the price of the product is really expensive (1,400.00 euro). Do you ever use it or you just customize like what you’ve written above…?.



Sorry I was on Vacation in Florida![:D]

“I am sorry that I asked in Mibuso.com in this morning, meanwhile the answers are more completely and detail here. tks a lot.”

Don’t be sorry, In fact if I read it there first I would have been in more detail on Mibuso. But most of us visit both so relax it’s ok!

I’ll try to make this clear. I keep my pictures outside of Navision but you don’t have too. We have 10,000 pictures and the database was growing much too fast. But your sever might have ton’s of space and this might not be a concern to you. I personally found it easier to control, maintain, change, etc when they are outside (especially when your talking about this many pics).

The Picture2 I added to the Item Table is of type blob where I DO import the Jpg version of the BMP. So each Item has two pics - the BMP which (is now) stored outside of Navision & a JPG which is stored IN Navision. This was done for our particular situation.

I needed to be able to pull item description, price, pic, upc ,etc etc into a catalog type of report. Creating multiple columns & resizing pictures isn’t exactly easy w/ Nav’s reports. So I use Crystal Reports which does this easily. At first I tried to use the BMP stored in Nav to create it but after a few 100 items the report would crash. The size of the report was just too huge to handle any more items. So this is when I tried using JPG’s and it worked great, no problems! Now the imported JPG’s (which take up much less space than the BMP’s) don’t hurt my database size and are used for this Crystal Report(s). I DO NOT view the Jpg’s in navision. (Tho there are some products mentioned above that will do that) I view the Bitmaps.

You seem to have concerns about a seperate drive. It’s just like any other drive - you can make it a folder on your server and just map it as p: (or whatever letter).

Just like any other critical data you should backup, if it’s that important to you. Heck, put them on a re-writable CD if you want :slight_smile: There are many ways to do it - I’ve been using the sep drive for 3yrs now no problems. I have them on a small sep server using a raid-1.

See Catalog Sample : http://www.geocities.com/navision_attain/catalogsample.pdf

to answer your other question. I created a report to import, delete or export all Jpg’s at once. It looks in folder p:\jpg. This allows anyone who has a new pic (not just one person handles pics) to thow a new picture into this folder and import/export/delete using a report. The report has a request form where you choose which option you need. very simple

to import

IF Item.Picture2.HASVALUE
IF EXISTS (‘P:\JPG’+Item.“No.”+’.JPG’)


to Export


to Delete


I added the Picture2 to the item card - It simply shows an asterisk “*”. This lets me know the item has a jpg pic loaded.

it’s easy to customize a little report to do what you want. Remember I’m just using Navision to “store” these Jpgs not view.

Dear Savatage, All,

I have seen the catalog and also read your replies. Then in the item card still exist bmp files for view and for report we can use jpg files stored in navision meanwhile bmp stored in another directory.

I think it’s clear now ( topic close) except the conclusion is not 100% fit to what I want. I first want the item card can import jpg file along with can view it.

The answers are really good and I thank you then.



Don’t we all…Don’t we all

To save space and problems with the database later on. I advise you to just have a link to appear in the ex: Item card or Sales Order.

The link will look for the file in a path N:\Shared\Images JPG\

In the directory, the files will exist using the Item No. ex:



When you hyperlink to the file, the system should open the image with Microsoft picture viewer or paint brush etc.
This will work quick and easy and not increase the size of the database.
Good luck.


tku for your reply. I also have found out that in the Nav 5.0, it is not only bmp files can be stored in Navsion data base but also JPG. this topic is closed now


Morton, thanks for the feedback (which is always appreciated), but please as we discussed in earlier threads, please also mark the topic as resolved, and give the reply a star rating. [:D]


I’ll resolve it then [:D]

I hope it’s not a problem to activate this thread again.
I’m having a small problem with Savatage’s solution of import pictures from remote (HDD) location.

Everything works great except, my pictures shows a little bit larger than they really are and that produces bmps to stretch so they doesn’t appears clear.
If I put smaller width/height combination, it simply cut-off picture but image size remain the same.

What am I doing wrong?
Pictures are simple employee picture bmps with same image size.

Ok, I found the problem. I was paying attention to pixel width / height but not to actual document size…
Seems that Navision does care about DPI.