picture box should show fill-status ! how ?

hello, we have a second comment-table and a control-button with a picture box on it … the picturebox should change the image if their is an comment for the article shown on the from … but how do we make the relations between picturebox and table ? hope you understand the problem and thx for help alex

Just look att the comment icon at customer form. There have you a solution with different pictures. Per.Bay@navigera.com Product Manager www.navigera.com

Hi Alex, I had the same problem, but just before I went crazy I discovered that TWO controls are used for showing if any comment exist. The two controls are on the same spot. Just move the upper control and you’ll see the second. Good luck.

The “trick” is based on the bitmaplist property of the picturebox below the button. It’s the one that really changes the icon (the button on comments has no picture at all). The “trick” is just defining the list of bitmaps on the picturebox item and then asociating it to a boolean (if you’re just using two images) or an option (for any number of them) variable, that way, depending of the variable’s value, you’ll get one image or the other one. Regards, Alfonso Pertierra (Spain)apertierra@teleline.es

How can I find the list of bitmaps on the picturebox in Navision? I want to make it large.

in the download section of this forum. A former collega of mine, Jan Hoek, made a nice program. Downlaod here: http://www.navision.net/forum/dwnl_show.asp?dwnl_id=24&cat_id=28&parent_id=6&sub_name=Development+Tools&parent_name=Tools+For+Developers


Dear Emiel, I was reading your message regarding bitmaps.zip and try to download it. When I unzip the file I only get a compiled HTML help file. How do I get the bitmaps program file? Very grateful for your help. Thanks, Supawan