Picking sales line

What do we have to do when a customer cancel a sales order line on which picking has already been posted ? Do we have to make the shipping anyway or is there another solution ?

Picks that are posted - are posted like PO/SO, unfortunately. Ship the line, credit it and re pick & ship it. Craig Bradney Technical Manager Navision Solutions & Services, Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu Email:cbradney@deloitte.com.au

If you have Warehouse Management enabled this is even nastier as you should then really generate a Put Away document and post that after you have generated the Credit. In one of our sites this is a major bug bear. You may need to get the customer to alter their processes to make sure before they post the pick that it is really to be shipped - ie try to get them to delay posting the Pick until the last minute. Which I know is not always possible.