Picking route is not created automatically in AR module sales order

We have an issue in ax 2009 where picking route is not created automatically.

can any body please let me know what is the issue,am I missing any parameter or setup for sales order

• Post picking list for All

• Go to Posting → Picking list registration

You will see that there is no picking route created automatically. In order to create picking route we have to:

• Click Functions → Open output orders

• From Output order form, select output order created for sales order (usually the last one, if necessary check “Order picking” check box) and click Functions → Create Picking route.

• Return to Picking list registration form, refresh it and then you can pick items by clicking Update → Update All.

thanks in advance


What are the set up details of the inventory model group you have for the item used?

Output orders can be generated automatically but it depends on the ‘consolidated picking method’ function