Picking / Packing

Does anybody use Navision with Picking on or Packing on? or both? Have you run into any problems going either way?

Is there a specific issue that you are having trouble with, or that you think is behaving oddly?

We use A.D. 2.01 with Picking turned on. Currently we don’t use Bar Codes so the Packing granule would be very time consuming to use. There seems to be very few of us users of Navision A.D. I’d like to here about your experiences with the product, etc… Scott Callahan scallahan2@earthlink.net P.S. We are also importers (Auto Parts)

We originally run the system with picking off and packing on. The system unfortunately only uses picking to verify the sales order against what is shipped. So then we decided to turn picking on and packing on. We have also decided to barcode all our inventory as this makes everything go a lot faster. We are testing a system where pick stickers are printed with barcodes on them. Then the pick is verified, and the packer scans it. We have also changed our receiving since we take ownership overseas (we are an importer also). We basically receive the inventory in Hong Kong into a warehouse called “ONSEA” and then transfer the product to a warehouse called “MAIN”. We have made many other changes. If anybody is interested in this information, let me know and I will post more. ed mitchell