Picking List Journal

Dear All,

I have created a production order. While updating the production order status to 'Start", the picking list journal is automatically geting posted. How to stop this automatic posting, I want to do this manually.

My Flushing principle for the FG item is initially 'start". Now i changed to manual. But still posting the same.Please help me.


Hi Chakradhar, when you are doing the Start step for the production order, go to the General tab, you will find there a field that says post picking list now or something simmilar, you can see it in the following picture, it is in spanish but you will find it in the same place in your version, you must to uncheck it in order to work the way you want. Also it is good to use other field, two places below the previous, autocomplete picking list journal, in that way you will give the user the journal already prepared with quantities calculated by the bill of material/formula * qty to produce.


Hai Eduardo,

Thanks for ur Reply. Its working.