Picking List by Planning Lines

We need to be able to ship individual pieces to the customer site before invoicing. These are usually not inventory items, but one-of parts we have manufactured for a job. There is a Picking List by Subjob but we wouldn’t want to create a subjob for each piece we have to ship. These are large structures that need to be shipped in pieces and then assembled at the customer site. Has anyone done this or knows a way to do this? We are still on NAV 2009.

Jobs were not integrated with shipping in 2009, and even now it “only” supports regular inventory items.

But I once had a client, who had basically the same issue. They produced custom made professional kitchens, so very few standard components. But here we made the “picking list” out of the job planning lines (ordered by task no.'s).

Sounds like you already had a “Picking List by Subjob” report made (that’s not standard). So I would assume that a NAV developer “easily” could change it, so that it could also run by job task no. and not require a sub-job (also a concept which is not standard in NAV).

Did require quite a lot of data disciplin when creating your job planning lines, as it had to be organized and ordered by “shipment”.

Thanks, Erik
I’ve been looking at having the “parts” entered in the Planning Lines. I see that the Planning Lines can be invoiced directly and that this would also create a shipping document. Unfortunately, the invoice produced is not usable as the customers are not billed by shipment. I looked at creating zero dollar invoices that never go to the customer but of course this takes up regular invoice #s in the sequence that could cause problems with auditors. Any thoughts?

Sorry. We are on NAV 2013. We need the shipping department to be able to ship parts out and show in the job that they have been shipped. That’s why I was looking at Planning Lines as it seems to have that capability. We don’t want the shipping to create an invoice as most of our jobs use payment terms that are not based on shipments, but rather some milestones that are agreed upon with the customer.