Picking from Prod. Order

When tring to create a pick from a released prod. order, I get ‘Nothing to handle’ I do have sufficient raw materials and this location uses zones and bins… I seem to get it on any that Im trying… What have I forgotten? Thanks

Hi Fleur This messeage is generated because it cannot find any available items in bins that has a bin type assigned that has pick ticked. You can solve this by either using a movement to move items to bins the program can pick from, or tick the always create pick line field on the zone and bin policies tab on teh locaiton card.

Hi Steven I have ticked the ‘always create pick’ on the location card in zones and bins… I am really stumped on this one now…

Hi Fleur Are you using Stockkeeping units?

Hi Fleur Can you do a favour for me please. Check the components of the production order you are trying to create a pick for and make a note of one of them. Go to the item card of the component and from teh Item button selct Bin contents. This screen will show you the locaiton/zone/bin of hte stock. Also in there is a Bin Type Code. Please make a note of this. In Warehouse Management select set-up and then Bin Types. Does the Bin Type noted earlier have a tick in the Pick column?

Hi Steven Not using SKU’s although they do have it. Bin content is in a PUTPICK bin and and type is setup with a tick in the pick and put away. If I also try and do it from the warehousing module - pick worksheets, I can see the released prod. order but when I choose it - it says ‘There are no warehouse worksheet lines created’ Thanks

Hi Fleur I only have a copy of 3.70 running locally, and it works fine on this. However the system version on 3.60 it does not work on. The system version of Cronus I cannot set up for a warehouse user currently, so i cannot test to see if this is the issue, but in both instances I am using Cronus. This may mean it was an issue in 3.60 but I have checked the service requestes and found nothing, and I am sure I have done this in the past! Sorry I cannot be of more help.

HI Steven Thanks for this. Yes I have made it work also in Cronus on 3.60… thats whats really strange… This is on a new companys data… Im just womdering if it has anything to do with my default manufacturing bins on the location tab… they are set up as no type bins - same as cronus…

Hi Fleur Okay, we both know if we set it up from scratch we can get it to work - do they have a test system you can set up new bins, items and test it - then we know if it really works or not. Surely it could not be licensing? David on the manufacturing forum did make the question surrounding serial numbers - I presume you are not using these?

Hi This is actually on a brand new company… that I have received goods in to…Hence why I really think its gonna be something so simple… Not using serial numbers no… Thanks again

Hi Am narrowing it down… if I have a firm planned prod. order and then try to change it to released… it says bin content does not exist… Giving me the location, variant, bin etc… this is the open shop floor production bin that its pointing at… And no there isnt anything in there… because its in the main area as you would expect… Fleur