Picking from Prod. Order

When trying to create a pick from a released prod. order, I get ‘Nothing to handle’ I do have sufficient raw materials and this location uses zones and bins… I seem to get it on any that Im trying… What have I forgotten? Thanks

Tut Tut Cross forum posting will be frowned upon by Erik - I have answered the End User one!

Actually Steven I think this IS the correct forum for Manufacturing questions? In act I found this post by searching for picking questions in the Manufacturng forum. To answer Fleur’s question, there are many issues that could cause this error. I kept getting the same erro in Cronus, but as soon a I created my own data as per the instructions, it all worked fine. It could be serial numbers, wrong bin setup etc. The best solution is to start without Bins and Zones, get it workin (in a test environment), then do it a gain with Bins switched on. good luck.

Hi David I was not questioning the validity of the question in this forum, just that I first saw it in the end users forum, replied and then saw it here - it was the posting across two forums, and it was meant a bit tongue in cheek (you know Erik does not like it [:D]). Personally I would also have posted it in the Advanced Distribution forum as well. Its just difficult following several varieties of input from different perspectives at different times. Fleur has this working in 3.60, I have it in 3.70. We have verfied the bin types are correct, she seems to have stock, they are not using SKU’s and seemingly not serial numbers (I am sure it would have been mentioned). Her issue is this is on a live site - presumably they want to get it working!