Picking and Shipping

Hi I would be interested in knowing the processes used by the variety of users in the Navision world for picking and shipping items. The standard approach goes along the lines of printing the inventory picking list which logically would group by item between shipping dates, and then going into the individual orders and confirming the amounts shipped (if different from the Suggested Quantity to Ship). Then printing off a shipping document and eventually batch or individually invoicing the orders. I would especially like to hear from anyone who is in a serialised environment, or a high volume, part line/order shipment environment and the experiences and thoughts they have on the processing they do. Also if you have had modifcations please feel free to comment also. Many thanks Steve

Hi, Navision impoved shipping and picking function in 3.00. I think you should review this first. I think it will cover 95-99% of average client requarements. Valentin Gvozdev BMI Inc.

Hi Valentin My interest was in how the users were using the functionality provided by Navision as standard. Whilst 3.00 is improved, no-one is currently using it. However as no one was interested in imparting any information its a bit of a dead topic anyway! Steve