Picked Item Problem


i facing a problem in Sales Order, i create a sales order, i made confirmation. but i check one item is showing in picked in quantity tab. no pick list no pick list registration. but system is still showing one item is in Picked. kindly tell me how to remove one item from Picked column.

imran raza

Hi Imran,

Until unless you do the picking list registration in sales order quantity won’t come under picked state. So please check some other parameters or any customizations which is putting quantity in to picked column under quantity tab for sales order.

Pick might have done from other way i.e. from SO line>inventory>Pick. To unpick it, go to the same form and select the one which is showing the status “Picked” and select the “Auto create” check box against it. and post it. It reverses the pick. The inventory Trans status will be changed to “ordered” and “Picked” field will show “0”.