Pick Tickets

Is there any way to see how many times a Pick ticked was printed and when it was printed?


Check No. Printed functionality in posted documents like Sales Invoices and Purchase Invoices.

We’ve added that to the Sales Header Table long ago

50000 - Pick Creation Date - Datatype - Date
50001 - Pick Creation Time - Datatype - Time
50002 - Pick No. Printed - Datatype - Integer

In the pick report you add a
“Sales Header”.“Pick Creation Date” := WORKDATE;
“Sales Header”.“Pick Creation Time” := TIME;
“Sales Header”.“Pick No. Printed” := “Sales Header”.“Pick No. Printed”+1 ;
“Sales Header”.MODIFY;

I think we put the code OnPostDataItem() of the Sales Header dataitem - it’s been awhile.

always test.