Pick Sequence

I want to pick the oldest stock first. (FIFO) BUT I donot want to use item tracking. Does anyone know what code is used to select the bins when the pick is created. I also have all the bins at the same category. eg I receive stock over 2 days, Navison puts away to the empty bin locations. How do I ensure that Navision picks the oldest stock first.

I would also like to know if this is possible… We’re on 2.6 and it’s been one of our problems. Does anyone know if they were smart enough to incorporate stock rotation into 3.7? I have no idea if this is possible but there may be a creative way to use the existing methodology. Perhaps with bin rankings or something. I will say however there has always been trouble with stock rotation from a “real world” perspective. What if the same item with two dates (or lots) end up in the same bin? Are you certain the warehouse employee is going to pick the correct stock? If he doesn’t, how do you “fix” Navision so the rotation isn’t permanently tainted? Not the easiest of things to address.

Hi Without item tracking the FIFO will be cost based, and the earliest dated transaction will be consumed by Navision. However to “pick” the earliest Navision has no reference to the earliest apart from cost, and its “suggestion” is bin based. As Mr Bean Counter states you could book the items into bins ranked according to the batches booked in, but this would require lots of stock movement when the bin with the oldest stock is empty, else you will get into a long snake booking the latest stock into bins with a different ranking. I would suggest looking at the code suggesting the bin and see if this can be modified to reflect the bin with the earliest item ledger entry. Have no idea if this is possible as you will presumably need to create some relationshiop between the item ledger entries and bin content.