Pick list report opens in one legal entity but doesn't opens in another legal entity

I am opening the Pick list report from Transfer order form but one strange thing is that it opens from US11 entity but doesn’t opens from AU11 entity. even if the query based reports doesn’t returns any records still the report must open but it just doesn’t happens for report being ran from legal entity AU11.

I debugged into issue and found some issue in class PrintMgmt\getSettings method. There is a while loop in which the cursor enters for US11 but not for AU11. I am pasting that part below but unable to decide as to what is the setting that is available for US11 and not for AU11.

while (setupDocEnumerator.moveNext())
setupDoc = setupDocEnumerator.currentValue();
for (i = 1; i <= setupDoc.numInstances(); i++)
instance = setupDoc.getInstanceByPos(i);
if (instance.parmSuppress() == NoYes::No)
settingDetail = null;

For AU11 the while loop never finds any values for the moveNext() method and thus I am unable to generate the report.

Any information provided on this issue will be of great help.

So what happen when the report is opened? Are you not seeing the data or the report viewer it self?
Are you printing it to screen? Please also check if there are any VAR/ISV solutions that are handling the print management? (Example - Bottom line)

I am not being able to see the report viewer itself. The same report opens perfectly in US11 legal entity but doesn’t opens in AU11. I also checked the Print management tables to see if some setting has been missed but couldn’t gain any success at that too. have to debug deeper into classes to find out why the “SetupDocEnumator” doesn’t have any numInstances.

Have checked my last point?