Pick list by item

I was looking at the picking list by item report and it isn’t giving me what I want. I know I don’t fully understand how the reporting works. What I want to do is this.

Order 1:

2 x Widget1

1 x Widget2

Order 2:

1 x Widget1

The report would show me something like this.

Widget1: Pull 3

Widget2: Pull 1

I would run this report based on the salesperson code in the header and the posting date. I would love to see this…

Widget 1 Total: 3

Customer A got 2

Customer B got 1

Widget 2: Total 1

Customer A got 1

I’m thinking I would have Sales Header as the first DataItem. Then indent Sales lines under that. Link them with No… Then have the reqfilter as the salesperson code and the posting date.

So that gets the report to loop through the records that I want. I’m wondering do I need to write everything into an array to do this? Can someone point me in the right direction? Thanks for your help.


Any thoughts?

Hi Jason,

Is this Classic client ?

Also , you dont mean the standard picking list report do you ?

Do I understand correctly that you would like to see sales per product, per customer? So you would want to look at sales lines?


The first line of each section is an Item, so I would think you would want the Item table to be your first data item. You could then have Sales Header and Sales Line indented under that.

If you want to run it for salesrep , you probably want to start there . then onwards.

But there are many options.