Pick Lines Split and Combine

Hi, I’m using navision 3.70a with wms and bins. When I create a pick from a shipment, Navision creates for each Shipment line one or more pick lines (for Action Type “Take” and “Place”) depending on the quantities on the bins. Afterwards, I can use the function “Split line” if want to add an extra line with another bin and quantity. Example: originally: TAKE 100 from bin A1. I can change this to 2 lines: Take 70 from bin A1 and Take 30 from bin B2. In reality also the opposite is possible. Example: Line 1 Take 70 from bin A1 and Line 2 Take 30 from B2. If go to bin A1 and see that there are 100 pcs, it want to change the first line to: Take 100 from bin A1 and on the second line take 0 from bin B2. Don’t mind reservations or other restrictions. When I try to change the qty in the “Qty To Handle” field from 70 to 100 in the first line then I get an error that I can not handle more then the outstanding quantity of 70. “Outstanding Quantity” is also field on the pick document but it’s disabled. Any advice? Thanks

Hi Dany Are you saying that Navision suggests 70 in bin A1 when Navision sees 100 in A1 or aerw you saying when you go to pick the item physically there are 100 in A1? If it is the later why is Navision not telling you to pick the 100 from A1? Is the quantity to handle message because Navision only beleives 70 exist in A1?