Pick before shipment on Export Order

Hi all, I am using variable Sales unit of measure on my export order.i.e. ‘50 pieces= 1 Box’ The warehouse is configured for Pick and ship activites before invoicing.( I am not using bins and Zones ) The shipment is created for 20 boxes.(1000 pieces) When I try to create a pick from the shipment line, I recieve an error message that Qty. per Unit of measure should be ‘1’ on the line. Now, 1) What is the relevance of using Sales unit of measure if I am not being able to pick with that unit of measure? 2)What will I have to do to create a pick, Register it and process the shipment.? Regards, DD

Hi, 15 views: No replies yet. I didn’t even get any feedback from service system too. is my query unsually unusual? Regards, DD

Hi Dharmendra I would guess you would get a better response in the advanced distribution forum rather than manufacturing. If I get the opportunity I will run it through in 3.60, to see if I get the same results.

Hi Dharmendra Did you get anywhere with the service request on this one? I never got around to testing it! [:D]