Physically Reservation Cancel


  1. item ’ SD343’ is physically reserved, I wanted to cancel the reservation to free the stock to sale other customer.

is any way to resolve this issue.

  1. Production order I closed with report as finished, but due to some reason I wanted to reverse back. I reset the status but due to registered serial number its not allowing to delete production order. Is any way to un register the serial number so i can delete the production order.


  1. Go into the reservation from the sales order line and in the quantity to reserve (cannot remember the exact name of the field) remove the quantity to 0 to remove the reservation.

  2. Serial number of the finished product? You should be able to go to the receipt of the stock and in the displayed lines remove the registration, alternatively if it is the components and the stock transaction has been reversed and there is no pick then you could look at the BOM components and check the status and see if you can remove it from there.

Hi Adam,

Thanks for prompt response. I tried both solution, still I could not able to solve the problem.

  1. Even though 0 quantity entered in reservation but , its not removed from physically reserved quantity.

  2. I tried to remove serial from registration it doesn’t allow to delete from the registration.

Is any other solution.


You would need to paste screen shots of where you are attempting to do this and how because I cannot tell from your response.