Physical on hand stock report


Is there any default stock report where I can get below information.


Item No. Item Name Opening Stock Purchased Qty Sold Qty Phys Qty on Hand

1264B Printer 15 7 2 20

I guess no such report available. We did customization for this.

Regards, Elmer.

Thanks for reply, Could you share that customize report? If you do not mind.

Sorry to say that I cant share, but will tell you what it contains:

Based on transactions, we prepared something like this. Hope this helps.


Thanks for sample.

Great Work…

But this are the details for for item A. do you have summary of this report for e.g. Item A in one line. total received, total sold and balance.

We have around 20,000 items we need in summary level report where we can see total purchased, total sold and balance.