Physical Inventory

Why field " Entry Type " in Physical Inventory Journal always in " Positive Adjustment " when I am running the function " Calculate Inventory " Can it become " Negative Adjustment " ? ( cause if I change it to Negative Adjustment it always a message appear - the message are " Phys.Inventory must be No in item Journal Line Journal Template Name = " PHYS. INVE " , Journal Batch Name = " PHYSICAL " , Line No.= " 10000 " ) Thanks for the coorporation Best Regards, Agatha

Agatha The field “Quantity (Physical Inventory)” is the amount you count with the stock check i.e. how many are on the shelf. The “Qty. (Calculated)” is what the system thought ws there. If there is less on the shelf than the system thinks you alter the quantity in the “Quantity (Physical Inventory)” field. This will put the difference in the “Quantity” field and change the Entry Type automatically to a “Negative Adjustment”. I hope this is clear and helps Steven Weaver XONITEK Systems (UK) Ltd +44 (0) 23 80641175 (Tel) +44 (0) 23 80641173 (Fax)