Physical Inventory

Is there a way to take a physical inventory scanning serial numbers and then have Navision put out a report with the ones that are not in the physical count? We use serial and mac id for all our equipment. What we need to do is to be able to scan all the serials that are physically in the warehouse and then match them to the inventory. I understand that there will be discrepancies, but is there a way to do this with navision? I see the physical inventory worksheet but that does not allow to scan any serial just to write the amount as you count.

This is rather difficult to achieve due to how Item Tracking is built in NAV. (but might be done, because everything is possible in NAV, as Erik says [:)])

Phys.Inv.Journal has only one line per Item, even if it is set up for Ser.# tracking, the Qty field can be >1. (The same with Item Ledger Entries table, although it has fields for Ser # & Lot #.)

So it is physically impossible to enter Ser # for, say, 13 Items directly in Phys.Inv.Journal.

It could be done in a way, when you scan your Ser #, upload to some intermediate table, and custom code must be written to handle inconsistencies. Consult your Partner, but it would’t be a 5 minute job, Item Tracking is rather clumsy in NAV.

Normally such things should’t happen, but as Murphy is immortable - can there be a situation, when 2 Items of different type (a car and a computer) have identical Ser # ? Then you’re in trouble…