Physical Inventory with Lot No with WMS warehouses - Best way to do that?

Hi all,

For GO Live system using NAV 5 , what is the best way to do the physical inventory using Lot’s and working in WMS locations ( we have 3 locations like that)?


What is wrong with the physical inventory journal? Whichever way you do it you need to create the actual lots, and quantities, ensuring the costs are correct, whether manual or automatic.

Either through Physical inventory journal or warehouse physical inventory journal, depending on the level of usage of WMS.

usually we calculate inventory in the journal, then use a data collector to scan item no and lot NO and qty.

then we create a batch job to import from data collector(s) and update the journal figures in “qty on Physical count”

Nothing is wrong. I just need to find a fast way as we have 3 big warehouses and we would like to use some dataports for that.

So my question is: Using dataports , how should I use those journals: warehouse inventory and physical inv

Thanks for all answers.

I have 2 scenarios:

  1. When I need to upload my beginning inventory , how can I do that? I have 3 WMS warehouses using Navision LOT Nos ??

  2. When I need to do a physical inventory at the end of the year , how can I do that?

It seems difficult to use LOt No with Whse Physical Inventory , Is is normal? I dont have access to those fields.

Ps: I am using Nav5


for scenario 1 Romeo already gave you the answer.

Scenario 2 - What fields are you refering ?

Thanks Nuno.

For scenario 1; when I use warehouse physical inventory journal; i am not able to enter Lot no in the fields ( Lot No or new Lot No ) in the form.

So I cant perform that scenario at all. why??? That field is accessible in the physical inv journal but not in the warehouse physical inventory journal, is that correct???

For scenarWe are using NAV5


Serial Numbers and Lot Numbers should be inserted using Line → Item Tracking.

I do not have that option on my form [:(] why???