Physical Inventory - Stock has inventory on-hand in the month before the golive date

Dear all,

When I run “Physical Inventory by Inventory dimension” report for an Item, with the As on Date is before the golive Date (e.g: As on Date is 01/01/2001), I found that there are Posted quantity is 2 as below picture:

I checked Invent transactions but didn’t found any incorrect transaction.

Does anybody here have experience with this issues? Please share with me the solution to correct the On-hand of this Item.

Thank you in advanced.

Could you post a picture of your inventory transactions for this item?

The only way to show up in that report is to be posted as an inventory transaction. In process transactions (i.e. PO lines that have not been received don’t show up yet in that report).

Dear Brent,

Please download the Item transactions as link below:

Thank you in advanced.