Physical Inventory Journal - prior date

Hi there Has anyone managed to update the inventory in a physical inventory journal for a prior date in either ver 3.6 or 3.7. I can’t see how to add any sort of date filter to the batch file that populates the journal. Regards, Derek Lamb

Hi Derek, Physical Inventory Journals are meant for stock take. And these should always be on a current date. In Principle you could never post a Physical Inventory Adjustment to a prior date unless you have freezed all the Inventory transactions in the system. If you cannot do this because of a huge item master list or operational problems, I suggest you group the items and do them in seperate Journal postings instead of full stock take.

Hi Derek You may have worked with systems that do freeze the inventory, so you can run the stock check based on a frozen stock figure and post against this. Navision does not have this funcitonality and as Prashanth correctly states this means you have to run the stock check and do it - better this way than retrospectively working out the movement that affects your figures between the running of the batch job and your count.