Physical Inventory Journal for Item Tracking

Hi All,

We are on NAV 5SP1. How can we enter a variance of Quantities in the Physical count with positive and negative adjutment for the same item(for different item trackings)?

For an example:

Item A is a lot tracking item and the Calulated Qty in NAV for this is 500. But the actual was 505. Now this variance 5 is made out of Postive 6 of Lot100 and Negative 1 of Lot200. So the ultimate variance for the item A is 5. It looks to us that multiple tracking lines attached to one Physical Entry line can have all postive or All negative(not both together). What’s the best way to handle the above example?

Thanks a lot! Ashga

Problem is, that Calculate Inv function in Phys.Inv.Journal creates ONE line per item - it doesn’t distinguish Lot or Serial nos.

  • select the WHOLE line with ItemA and Ctrl-C
  • insert new empty line (F3) and Ctrl-V

so you get the second line for ItemA - F8 by field in new line would not work, as hidden fields will be filled in with wrong values !

  • for first line, set Qty(Phys.Inv) = 506 and open ItemTracking, enter LotNo=L100, Qty=6

  • for second line, set Qty(Phys.Inv) = 499 and open ItemTracking, enter LotNo=L200, Qty=1

post the journal.

Hi Modris, this works. Thanks a lot!