Physical inventory journal not populating

Hi guys Physical inventory journal not populating automatically when a user hit Calculate inventory action on request page and it was doing fine until recently, i checked if there is modified setup issue no luck,any one faced this issue before?

NAV 2015

Thanks in advance


you have just to enter it on the Request Page of the “Calculate Physical Inventory” Report. and then it will show up in the lines too.

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Thomas Barbut

Yes you are right but it used to take the number from the no.series before and now it stopped taking from no.series to avoid users entering manually on the request page , in order to give pre formatted similar no. sequence.

Click on the batch name lookup on the phy. Inventory journal and make sure it has the No. series filled in there and it should pick up from the No. series of Phy. inventory journal.

Hello, @sbhatbng is right. Also check the Inventory Setup.

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Thanks this helped me solve the issue.